fertilizer machine
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fertilizer machine
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Drum sieve

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Drum  Sieve is mainly used for industrial production of materials, classification and filtering.
Trommel Sieve mainly motor and reducer, roller device, frame, hermetic seal, in mouth. Roller device installed in the frame of tilt. The motor reducer and roller device through shaft coupling, and roller device driver together around its axis rotation. When the material into the cylinder roller device, because after device, make the tilt and sieve surface material, make the qualified with rolling over material (screen) by the next round of the sieve drum, unqualified material (on) the roller end products. Because of the drum materials within, and rolling over in the material can be sieve hole, prevent sieve hole jam.
Drum  Sieve key features:
1 screen hole is blocked.
2 smooth operation and low noise.
3 is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance.
4 the high reliability, one-time investment is less.
5. Using special screen, high efficiency, long service life.
Applicable scope
A ShiLiaoChang. Used in size and stones. Separate soil and stone.
Ii. ShaShiChang with sand.
3 for coal and coal industry. Coal and coal separation (coal machinery part),
4. Chemical industry, dressing industry for grading and size block separating powdery substance.
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fertilizer machine
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