fertilizer machine
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Mainly fertilizer machine,Organic Fertilizer machine,Compound Fertilizer equipment,fertilizer drying machine,fertilizer Granulator and forming production into an integral system.
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fertilizer machine
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Dust removal equipment

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1.Ceramic materials make it more wear-resisting
2.Better adaptability
3.Simple, convenient maintenance
Cyclone Dust Filter Technical Parameter
Removing Efficiency: ≥95%
Resistance: 81~92 mmH2O
Ringlemann Blackness: 0~1
Consistency of Disposed Gas (max): ≤180mg/m3
Input Aount of Smoke: 10~16m/s
It is applicable to various coal-fired boilers of dust control.
It can treat with 5DOVt  high temperature flue gas at most .
It is a kind of cyclone collectors. Because of the  centrifugal force, gas and dust seperates. Then dust-contained gas goes into the dustcollecter, and through the entrance ceramic roll in high dust cyclone internal to dust collection box,and clean gas by cleanroom eduction.
  Cyclone Dust Filter:
dust removal efficiency:> 96%
emission concentration:<200mg/m3
ringelmen blackness (level) :<1
 Cyclone Dust Filter Application Areas:
    Boilers             Plastics
    Foundry            Cement
    Metal dust          Woodworking
    Powder coating      Grain handling
    Carbon processing   Chemical and pesticides
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fertilizer machine
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