fertilizer machine
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Mainly fertilizer machine,Organic Fertilizer machine,Compound Fertilizer equipment,fertilizer drying machine,fertilizer Granulator and forming production into an integral system.
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fertilizer machine
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Zhengzhou Taida Mining and Mining and Metallurgy Equipment Co., Ltd.

Organic fertilizer Equipment

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Organic fertilizer Equipment

We are Taida industry in China. We suppy agricultural machines with good quality and low price. This is our production-taida organic fertilizer processing equipment; Organic fertilizer producing equipment is multifunctional, producing organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. And users could adjust and equip according to own finance situation. Characters :1.Complete standards and species 2. High automation 3. Antisepsis , long using life 4. Continuous producing ability

Main technical parameters of Organic fertilizer Equipment

Power(KW) Output(T/h)
 Pellet Speciticatio(mm)n  External Dimension(mm) Application
TDO 200 15+1.5 0.3-0.5 1.5-12 1000×1500×850 Granulation of materials such as various feedstuff for livestock,poultry and aquatic products,grass meal,organiefertilizer,etc.
TDO 250 22+2.2+1.5 0.5-0.8 1.5-12 1320×1500×850
TDO 300 22×2+2.2+1.5 1.5-2 1.5-12 2100×1550×1060
TDO 350 30×2+2.2×2 2.5-3 1.5-12 2220×1160×1450
TDO 450 45×2+3×2+1.5 3-5 2-12 2400×1200×1600
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fertilizer machine
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