fertilizer machine
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fertilizer machine
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Fertilizer granulation equipment

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Fertilizer granulation equipment
Specifications of fertilizer granulation equipment:
Fertilizer granulation equipment is producing NPK compound fertilizer by urea/nitro/sulfar-based and ammoniation.
Fertilizer granulation equipment:
 Its main working method is to granulate by moisture granularity, making basic material do chemical reaction in the cylinder at the same time using certain water or steam. In certain condition of liquid phase,this machinery can produce pressure to form granularity among material particle under the revolving moving of tube. The main advantage is to make full use of steam to heat and adjust moisture, which raises the self temperature of material and working efficiency while reduces moisture of granularity and the load of dryer so that the rate of granularity is up to 70%. Meanwhile it also has the advantages of simple operation, high flexibility for working condition,and economical to maintain. Super-high molecular weight polyethylene in the interior of equipment prevents the sticky of material, lightens the working strength of workers and prolongs its service life.
Technicial Parameter of fertilizer granulation equipment:

Cylinder Production
Electromotor Reducer
Inside Diameter Length Inclination Rotating
Model Power
mm mm ° rpm t/h   kw
TDG1204 1200 4000 2.5 16.3 3 Y160M-6 7.5 ZQ500
TDG1405 1400 5000 2.5 14.5 5 Y160M-6 7.5 ZQ500
TDG1606 1600 6000 2.5 13.9 7 Y160M-4 11 ZQ500
TDG1807 1800 7000 2.5 12.8 10 Y160L-4 15 ZQ650
TDG2008 2000 8000 2.5 12.1 12 Y200L2-6 22 ZQ650
TDG2209 2200 9000 2.5 11.2 18 Y250M-6 30 ZQ650
TDG2409 2400 9000 2.5 10.5 25 YR250-6 55 ZQ750
TDG2610 2600 10000 2.0 9.17 30 Y280M-6 55 ZL65
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fertilizer machine
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